Global tech company Olight chooses Belfast as main UK base

GLOBAL technology lighting company Olight has launched its aircraft aluminium torch range into the UK - and has chosen Belfast as its operational base.

It is investing more than £1.5 million into the new merchandising hub and initially creating five jobs.

And Olight - whose current global operations include China, the USA and Australia - says it is aiming to generate more than £2 million in the next year, in addition to its online business with Amazon.

The company's UK managing director Antony Loveless said: “I'm delighted to see Olight come to Belfast. After speaking with the global team and reviewing various location options across the UK & Ireland it became clear early on that Belfast was the prime spot.

"Northern Ireland has low overheads in terms of rent and staffing costs, but also has a large talent pool across many disciplines. The location is well-connected to Dublin which is fast-becoming a thriving economy especially in the tech world. And Belfast is also only a 50-minute flight from London."

He added: "We have huge plans to scale Olight UK from our Belfast base and the product itself is exceptional.

"The portable illumination tools are more than just a reliable torch. The indestructible design caters for a range of users including outdoor to combat and adventure. Anyone from avid runners to self-defence professionals are sure to find what they are looking for. We even launched it into space to prove its durability.”

The latest edition to the Olight collection, the X9R Marauder torch, was exposed to temperatures of minus-61 degrees celsius and returned from space in perfect working condition.

Olight technology has taken pride in being at the forefront of illumination technology throughout the past decade. Its vision is to get the most advanced technology and performance into the hands of everyone across the world while maintaining a simplified and streamlined user experience.

Antony added: “Expanding the business in the UK is a really exciting time for Olight and we're excited about the company's continual growth.”