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  1. Legislation may protect former soldiers from prosecution

    Legislation may protect former soldiers from prosecution

    More than 200 soldiers being investigated for unsolved Troubles killings may be set to benefit from a de facto amnesty, with the British government seeking to introduce special legislation which would place a 'statute of limitations' on all future prosecutions.





  1. NI Science Festival gets astronomical

    NI Science Festival gets astronomical

    Stargazing at Queen's THE Northern Ireland Science Festival is running this week and there's lots of outdoor events to choose from to dazzle and amaze all ages.


  1. Nanny state

    Nanny state

    WHO: Goat Girl WHAT: London-based four-piece Naima Jelly, Clottie Cream, LED and Rosy Bones, AKA Naima, Lottie, Ellie and Rosy WHY: Angry, state-of-the-nation lyrics have never been so necessary HOW: Goat Girl only formed in 2015, so as far as backstory goes, there isn't really much.

  2. Games: Nioh on PS4

    Games: Nioh on PS4

    Nioh (PS4) By: Sony LOOKING like a samurai-stained take on the uber-hard Dark Souls games, Team Ninja's latest has been on the back burner for so long it was originally a PS3 game.

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