Home is where my heart is says Red Hand star Conor McKenna

Andy Watters
CONOR McKenna happily turned his back on AFL money and swapped Melbourne sunshine for cold nights at Garvaghy so he could replace homesickness and nagging unhappiness with the joy of being among his family and playing the sport that excites and inspires him.


Cahair O'Kane
IN all likelihood, Eoghan Bán Gallagher will line up alongside Conor McKenna on Sunday afternoon.

'I'll miss the club. I'm in the club every night… I have to be in the club': Coaches on adapting to new normal as second wave hits boxing

Neil Loughran
TO every generation, it means something. No words on printed paper could do justice to the sadness in Patsy McAllister’s voice as he described locking the doors of his beloved Oliver Plunkett for another prolonged period earlier this month.

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