The ‘first of all’ meme might be the sassiest of 2017

And there have been some sassy ones…
And there have been some sassy ones…

As we head into the final few months of the year, the memes show no signs of slowing down.

Already in 2017 we’ve had “the floor is”, distracted boyfriend, blinking guy, the Snapchat hot dog, and even Salt Bae, which feels like it happened years ago, only became a thing in January.

The latest to make it into a very long list is the “first of all” meme, which might just be the year’s sassiest.

It centres around someone saying something potentially stupid, and leaving a lot of room for a clapback.

Like when someone feels entitled to something

Or is on your case

Some are a little more surreal than others

But most involve shooting someone down

It seems a lot of people can relate to the tweets

Many of which are just really fun comebacks

More than a few encompass mental health

And one even referenced another of this year’s memes

Eventually, as is often the case, a brand got involved

But it will always be the little people that make a meme a meme