Long-term report: BMW’s iX2 makes itself very easy to live with

The iX2 is one of the newest EVs on BMW’s roster, but what is it like day-to-day? Jack Evans has been finding out.

A reasonably compact size means the iX2 isn’t tricky to park
BMW iX2 A reasonably compact size means the iX2 isn’t tricky to park

I’m not often a big fan of coupe-styled SUVs. For me, practicality reigns supreme and while these angular models – like the Audi Q3 Sportback, for example – might look a little snazzier, they often come at the expense of outright usefulness.

So it’s going to be an interesting six months as this new addition to the fleet – the BMW iX2 – aims to convince me otherwise. It is, after all, a more sleeky-styled version of the iX1 which, in my opinion, is already a good-looking car and a reasonably practical one to boot.

xDrive brings all-wheel-drive security
xDrive brings all-wheel-drive security

As is the most popular option within many of BMW’s model ranges, this iX2 is finished in M Sport trim. In resplendent Portimao Blue paint – a £595 option – it’s got a couple of other choice extras including a £1,100 panoramic glass sunroof and the full ‘technology pack plus’ which adds folding wing mirrors, a head-up display and wireless smartphone charging for an extra £2,890.

That pack adds a distinctive styling feature, too, in the form of the light-up kidney grille. Now the kidney grille has been a part of BMW’s aesthetic for decades and, in recent years, its size and presence on these Bavarian motors have increased substantially. On the iX2, the front grille is practically enormous. On this electric vehicle it’s playing more of a stylistic role overall as, without an engine, there’s little need for front-end cooling. When traced with LED light – or ‘Iconic Glow’, as BMW calls it – it’s even hard to miss at night but, to me, it does give the iX2 quite a cool ‘Tron-like’ feel in the darkness.

The front kidney grille is massive on the iX2
The front kidney grille is massive on the iX2

What’s it like to drive, though? Well, this xDrive30 model brings just over 300bhp, meaning that it’s actually around hot-hatch territory in terms of output. Combine that with 494Nm of torque and BMW claims that 0-60mph should be sorted in 5.4 seconds and it certainly feels that quick out on the road. You can even pull a left-hand paddle behind the steering wheel which unlocks a ‘boost’ function for a short period and this is great for overtaking. However, as with most electric cars, you tend to drive them more sedately in order to preserve range. So far, I’ve tried one semi-fast acceleration and left it at that; I’d rather not have to charge up any more than I need to.

Speaking of charging and range, BMW claims that the iX2 should manage between 259 and 266 miles on a single charge. At present, I’m getting around 240 – and I expect it to creep up incrementally if things get warmer – so I’d be expecting a little better for summertime. It can take a maximum charge rate of 130kW, too, which would result in a 10 to 80 per cent charge being sorted in 29 minutes. However, I’ve only really been topping it up using my home charger and a full overnight stint is more than enough time to fully replenish a charge. The BMW app is great, too, as it allows you to monitor the rate of charge.

Seats down and the iX2 has more than enough space for a mountain bike
Seats down and the iX2 has more than enough space for a mountain bike

The app can also allow you to see exactly where your car is at any one time – this is ideal for when I’ve left it in an airport car park and forgotten exactly where it was parked – and you can flash the headlights, too. Most important is that you’re able to see whether it is locked or unlocked and remotely control either of those things. Ever walked away from your car and wondered whether you actually locked it? I do it all the time and the app means I don’t have to dawdle back to the car to double-check.

I’m looking forward to the next few months with the iX2, particularly during the summer when EVs tend to be at their very best.

  • Model as tested: BMW iX2 xDrive30
  • Price: £66,569
  • Engine: Electric motor
  • Power: 301bhp
  • Torque: 494Nm
  • Max speed: 112mph
  • 0-60mph: 5.4 seconds
  • MPG: NA
  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range; 259-266 miles (claimed)
  • Maximum charge speed: 130kW
  • Mileage: 3,231