Former Dublin boss Jim Gavin to head up football review committee

Brogan had a difficult relationship with Dublin's Jim Gavin towards the end due to a lack of game-time
Former Dublin boss Jim Gavin is to head up a new football review committee under incoming GAA president Jarlath Burns

FORMER Dublin manager Jim Gavin will head up a new football review group that will consider any potential improvements to Gaelic football.

This was revealed by new GAA president Jarlath Burns in his first address at Saturday’s annual Congress, where the ex-Armagh midfielder explained the strength of feeling about the direction in which the game has gone.

“2025 will be a rule change Congress - we have asked for your proposals to come in from county conventions in 2023. This was a good idea.

“I have established a Football Review Group to completely take every aspect of the game apart and put it all together again with a view to making Gaelic football a more enjoyable spectacle to watch and play.

“As a former chair of the standing committee on playing rules, I can say I do not envy their task, because if I took 20 of you into a room and asked you your opinions, there would be 20 different perspectives on even what the problem is, never mind the solution.

“However, the sight of endless passing across the half forward line, without any risks being taken, before the ball is channelled back to a midfielder who repeats the process from the other side of the pitch, is not what Gaelic football should be.

“I think we can all agree on that.”