Roman Kemp: I once spent £9 on an onion

The TV and radio star said he had to get one delivered while in the middle of cooking.
The TV and radio star said he had to get one delivered while in the middle of cooking.

Roman Kemp has admitted he once spent £9 on an onion.

The radio star will be working on his culinary skills when he returns to TV with his father, actor and singer Martin Kemp, for their weekend chat show.

Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best, formerly Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best, will now air on both Saturday and Sunday.

Martin Kemp comments
Martin and Roman Kemp (Ian West/PA)

The father-and-son duo talk to celebrity guests and compete against each other in challenges, as well as get cooking tips from the show’s resident chef Shivi Ramoutar.

Roman has said he enjoys cooking but was once forced to splash out £9 for a single kitchen basic.

A kilo of onions usually costs less than £1.

He said: “Yeah … I spent that money well on an onion and it went to good use.

“Basically I was cooking at home and realised I didn’t have an onion, and I couldn’t leave the house because it was mid-cook, I had to get delivered just one onion.

“It didn’t even come in a bag!”

He said if he is trying to impress someone he will cook Italian food, adding: “I’m not just saying your pasta … I like to make a truffle risotto, burrata sides … those are always good.

“I love making curries. My dad pretends he can make curries but I once watched him put peanut butter and tomato sauce into a curry.”

Martin admitted he is a little less adept in the kitchen, saying: “The Saturday is going to be based more around cooking, preparing easy food.

“Me and Ro learning on the job, how to prepare easy food.

“Roman will tell you, he’s a little bit of a better cook than I am, but I’m willing to learn.

“As long as he doesn’t get me to do the washing up, we’ll be fine!

“Sunday is going to be based around what we did last year – celebrity chats and fun and games.”

Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best! starts April 17 and 18 at 8.30am on ITV and ITV Hub.