These were the best-selling cars in June

Hatchbacks and crossovers are still dominating the market.

The Sportage tops the best-sellers list again. (Kia)
The Sportage tops the best-sellers list again. (Kia) The Sportage tops the best-sellers list again. (Kia) (Adam Warner)

June represents another month of growth for the new car market, with figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) highlighting a modest increase of 1.1 per cent. However, June was also the month which saw the new car market pass the one-millionth vehicle sold – the first time that it has crossed this line halfway through the year since 2019.

Small family hatchbacks and urban crossovers are still the go-to choices among British car buyers during June, so let’s take a look at what the best-sellers were over the last month.

Kia Sportage – 4,113

(Kia) (Adam Warner)

The car that also achieved first place last month is the Kia Sportage. It’s easy to see why the British car buyers love this small crossover. It comes with the firm’s seven-year warranty, great build quality, excellent reliability, and dependability and it’s very well-equipped.

Not only that, but, the Sportage is also good to drive and even though looks are subjective it has striking looks depending on how you look at it.

Nissan Juke – 3,891


The Juke has always been a strong contender in the top 10 list. Known as the trendsetter for mini urban crossovers back in 2010, the baby Nissan has been an incredible success for Nissan.

Its daring looks, affordable running costs and personalisation options have meant that there is a Juke for anyone and now with a recent update from its second generation, this model is now more appealing than ever.

Tesla Model Y – 3,642


One of two electric cars that made it onto this list is Tesla’s Model Y. It has a decent electric range of nearly 300 miles on a single charge and with its supercharging network and clever technological features on board has made the Model Y a success here on our shores.

Not only that, but it has decent practicality with a large boot and its minimalist cabin design makes it feel light and spacious inside the cabin.

Volkswagen Golf – 3,463


The legendary Volkswagen Golf has just celebrated its 50th and with a recent facelift, this has made the current model even better with revised exterior and interior detailing. The Golf is a great choice if you want a strong and sturdy small family hatchback that is also safe and sensible.

With the option of hatchback and estate models, as well as hot performance models such as the GTi and R, there really is a Golf for everyone.

BMW 1 Series – 3,397


The 1 Series may now be front-wheel-drive, but it doesn’t mean that the involving driving experience you got from the older rear-wheel-drive version has been lost too much.

In fact, the compact BMW is one of the best to drive in the small hatchback class. It also has relatively low running costs and over the years, its practicality has improved greatly to make this an appealing alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

Hyundai Tucson – 3,271


Underneath its skin, the Tucson is the same car as the best-selling Kia Sportage. The Hyundai is available with mild-hybrid, hybrid or plug-in hybrid power and not only that, it is accompanied by a standard five-year warranty.

Its exterior design is bold and different and inside has plenty of standard equipment, which makes the Tucson great value for money.

Nissan Qashqai – 3,194

(Nissan) (Nissan)

The Qashqai has been sitting in the top 10 list for a long time now and thanks to a recent facelift, means that this popular small crossover is better looking and has even more features tech as standard.

Furthermore, a choice of petrol and hybrid powertrains using Nissan’s e-Power drivetrain makes the Qashqai even cheaper to run, which should be tempting for young families and company car buyers.

Ford Puma – 3,169


This monthly list has a car which refuses to leave – the Ford Puma. Consistently in the top three of best-selling cars each month, the Puma has slipped back in June but remains a very popular option with just over 3,100 examples shifted during the month.

Though the Fiesta – which had the same underpinnings as the Puma – might have been killed off, this compact SUV remains a more practical option due to its slightly larger boot and clever 90-litre ‘MegaBox’ underfloor storage solution.

MG ZS – 3,113


MG has surged ahead in recent years, mainly due to its value-orientated approach which brings a lot of standard equipment at a price which undercuts many key rivals. The ZS is the firm’s compact SUV and it’s available both with petrol and electric powertrains, meaning that there’s an option for everyone.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of equipment as standard including a 10.1-inch infotainment screen which incorporates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring systems..

Tesla Model 3 – 3,111

Tesla is consistently making an impact on this monthly list of best-sellers. The Model 3 is a common sight on our roads, with this BMW 3 Series-rivalling EV providing an alternative choice to the mainstream options.

It’s got a good range of up to 393 miles, too, while Tesla’s widespread Supercharger network means that there are thousands of options to top-up across the UK.