Ford Fiesta was UK’s most-stolen car in 2023

Sixteen Fiestas were stolen every day during the year, according to new data.

(Ford) (Ford) (Charlie Magee)

The Ford Fiesta was the UK’s most-stolen car during 2023, according to new data.

In fact, sixteen of the Blue Oval’s famous small cars were pinched each day during 2023 – equating to one every 88 minutes.

Though the Fiesta was axed by Ford in July 2023, the number of examples stolen didn’t even contract in the latter half of the year when production ended. LeaseLoco, which issued a Freedom of Information request to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for stolen car data, says that increasing demand for second-hand Fiesta parts could also have contributed to thieves making them more of a target than before.

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, said: “The Fiesta was unable to shake off the title as the UK’s most stolen car despite being axed by Ford in the summer of 2023.

“Logically, with fewer new Fiestas on UK roads, we might have expected to see thefts fall significantly last year. However, Ford’s decision to discontinue the popular small hatchback could well have sparked an increase in demand for second-hand parts, making them a hot target for thieves.

“DVLA figures revealed that thefts of Mercedes C Class were up almost 30% and total car thefts exceeded 60,000, as they did in 2022. Car owners need to continue to be extra vigilant to avoid becoming a victim of crime.”

In total, 64,087 vehicles of all makes and models were reported by the police to the DVLA during 2023, representing a near-five per cent increase on ht 61,106 cars pinched the year prior. This latest figure equates to 176 cars being stolen each day or one taken every eight minutes and 12 seconds in the UK last year.

Jaguar Land Rover’s attempts to curtail Range Rover Sport thefts appear to have helped, too, as thefts of this model were down by 29 per cent compared to the previous year. Thefts of the Mercedes C Class, in contrast, were 30 per cent higher than they were in 2022 at 1,786 vehicles in total while the most-stolen electric vehicle was the Kia Niro, of which 177 incidents of theft were recorded.

The Freedom of Information request also highlighted that 43 Ferraris were stolen during the year, alongside 51 Porsches and 14 Lamborghinis.