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Twelfth clean up operation gets underway

A large amount of rubbish was left behind after Tuesday's Twelfth parade in Belfast
Connla Young

A MASSIVE operation got underway today to clear the streets of rubbish dumped by Orangemen and their supporters after yesterday's Twelfth parade.

A large number of people took part in the annual march through the city.

Thousands more lined the city's streets as the procession weaved its way along the parade route.

As the parade came to an end tonnes of discarded rubbish littered parts of the city.

Rubbish included dumped alcohol bottles, plastic bags and other items.

At Bradbury Place a sheet of glass also appeared to have been shattered at a bus stop.

SDLP councillor Gary McKeown, who has highlighted waste issues in the past, said "the litter on the streets of Belfast was frustrating to see" and urged "each individual person to ultimately take responsibility for their own waste, dispose of it appropriately and take pride in our city".

He was due to meet Belfast City Centre officials yesterday.

"We can anticipate these challenges around major parades, so I will also be speaking to management about what further steps can be taken in future to help reduce the impact, such as providing additional bins," he said.

"When we anticipate large numbers of people congregating, we need to ensure that the appropriate disposal of waste is facilitated, as this will help reduce the scale and cost of clean-ups."

A spokeswoman for Belfast City Council said: "As with all major events in the city, including the annual Twelfth parade, marathon, St Patrick’s Day and Pride, council deploys resources to deal with an inevitable increase in street litter.

"This clean-up activity is accounted for within council’s annual citywide cleansing schedules and budgets."

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