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Bruce Springsteen shares special moment with young fan at Belfast concert

The young fan also took home a souvenir from The Boss

Young fan hugs Bruce Springsteen
A young fan capture the attention of Bruce Springsteen at Thursday's concert

A young fan had the night of a lifetime after she met Bruce Springsteen during Thursday’s concert and the star gave her his guitar pick and a hug.

He returned to Belfast last night delighting 30,000 fans at Boucher Road playing fields for the first time in over a decade.

But one fan in particular managed to capture the attention of the The Boss himself. In a video circulated on social media, seven-year-old Farrah Lavery is seen hugging Springsteen after he stepped off the stage.

The star is also seen rummaging in his pocket and handing the young girl his guitar pick.

Speaking on BBC’s Good Morning Ulster Farrah’s mum, Michelle Lavery, said it was a night the family “would never forget”.

Michelle, a superfan who has clocked over 50 Springsteen concerts over 20 years, said it was her children’s first time seeing the star.

She added: “It was a brilliant family experience and something that we will never forget.”

Farrah who was on her dad’s shoulders at the time said: “It was a big night, I felt really special and excited!

“He came down and I gave him an ‘I love you’ sign and then he said it back to me the second time he came down.”

The fan was identified after a call out on social media by Aiken Promotions. Mum Michelle commented on the Instagram post saying: “This is my girl. Farrah Lavery.”

One fan commented: “An amazing memory for the rest of her life! Bruce is amazing.”

“Beautiful moment that girl will never forget,” added another fan.

Since being posted the video has amassed over 2,700 likes on Instagram and has been viewed over 100,000 times on X.