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The question remains: which Tayto tastes best?

Debate rages about which Tayto tastes better

ON a visit to Donegal, in my let's call them 'heavier days', I stocked up on some less than healthy food.

The haul included TK red lemonade, Galtee cheese, Golden Crisp chocolate and Tayto crisps.

It was the original Tayto of course - or as it is known up north, 'southern Tayto' or 'free stayto'.

Tayto was founded in 1954 in Co Meath and a separate company, with the same name, formed two years later in Tandragee.

It licensed the name and recipes of Tayto crisps in the Republic.


The same, right? Wrong. Debate continues to rage about which Tayto is the better Tayto.

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It may be unfashionable or controversial to admit this, but I can not abide cheese and onion.

I am not a huge fan of crisps in general, but will reach for Tayto smoky bacon at motorway services in the Republic.

Local shop is selling these ... from r/northernireland

I often see folk stocking up with multi-packs, adamant that they "taste better".

Others, I think, are kidding themselves. The type who buy anything with a `Guaranteed Irish' logo stamped on it, smoke Major, guzzle Cidona and drive an Opel.

It may be the differing quality of ingredients. Northern ones can seem more overpowering or less crispy.

Most of my crisp-eating childhood was spent in Dublin so perhaps that is why I'm more likely to opt for southern Tayto.

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