Snack to it - Tayto needs you as a tour guide

Tayto Crisps
Tayto is recruiting for its Castle tours

If you’re a crisp lover, surely this must be one of the quirkiest jobs to apply for right now . . .

Iconic crisp brand Tayto (the northern variety) is recruiting tour guides for its Tayto Castle tours, which will recommence later this year in Co Armagh after a two-year break.

The Tayto experience, located in a 500-year-old castle in Tandragee, is undergoing a series of updates, and it needs committed people to help tell the story.

“With work due to finish soon, we’re now in a position to recruit some tour guides,” Tayto’s marketing director Elly Hunter confirmed.

So what does it take to be a Tayto Castle tour guide?

Tayto Crisps
Tour guides must possess the willpower not to nibble the crisps as they make their way down the production line

Elly said: “We’re looking for people with a passion for Tayto, someone who has an engaging and enthusiastic personality.

“They should also have an interest in local history as that will help them bring our story to life for the thousands of people that will be visiting us.

“The right person needs to be able to speak confidently to small groups of people of all ages and be able to learn and retain information easily.

“But perhaps most importantly of all, they must possess the willpower not to nibble the crisps as they make their way down the production line.”

Tayto Castle tour guides (the pay is £12.50 an hour) will take visitors on a fun exploration of the production process including a look at how the humble spud is transformed into a crisp, how it is flavoured and then packed.

“Full training will be provided,” Elly added.

Tayto Crisps
The 500-year-old Tayto Castle in Tandragee

“To help equip our Tayto tour guides with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their role. They will learn all about the crisp production process, Tayto’s history and how we became Northern Ireland’s favourite crisps.

“Over the years we have had countless schools, community groups, VIPs, and people of all ages and from all over the world through our doors.

“We are thrilled to be on the verge of once again offering tours and will be making an announcement very soon about when they are kicking off.”

To apply to be a Tayto Castle tour guide, click on or go to