How the Glen players fared: Mulholland leads the way again as Glen's big-game players show up

Ciaran McFaul gets to the ball ahead of Darren Hughes near the end of Sunday's enthralling Ulster Club final. Picture: Margaret McLaughlin
Ciaran McFaul gets to the ball ahead of Darren Hughes near the end of Sunday's enthralling Ulster Club final. Picture: Margaret McLaughlin

Connlan Bradley: Stood solid and calm at the end to tip away Kieran Hughes’ last-gasp attempt. Miscued a couple into the teeth of the wind but also had huge distance into it. 7.5

Michael Warnock: Game-defining block from Darragh Murray with three minutes to play and a point between the sides. Big play to set up Eunan Mulholland’s first point. Alternated on to Darren Hughes at times in the first half and found that awkward. 7.5

Ryan Dougan: It was felt if he won his duel with Jack McCarron then Glen would win the game, and so it transpired. One point from play, with Dougan matched, and a single pointed free was a fine return. 8.5

Connor Carville: A typically unfussy Connor Carville performance. Did the basics well, marshalled Mattie Maguire and kept him scoreless. The Denis Irwin of Glen. 7

Tiarnan Flanagan: Reinstated after losing his place throughout the championship, Flanagan started nervously but grew into the game. Big equaliser at 0-10 apiece off his left foot. Picked up positions that pulled Donal Morgan around. 6.5

Eunan Mulholland: Scotstown put other threats ahead of him and paid, just as everyone else has this year. Mulholland kicked three points from play, taking his tally for the year to 0-13, and got himself on so much ball until Conor McCarthy was moved across. 8.5

Ciaran McFaul: Right up the middle to coolly land the point that pushed Glen two ahead in injury time. His best display of the year. Spent spells at full-back to try and get a handle on Darren Hughes, and even a spell at midfield. 7.5

Cathal Mulholland: Spent most of his evening on defensive duty and didn’t get forward as often as usual, but had one big assist for Conor Glass’ score to put them in front at the end. 6.5

Conor Glass: Had a huge first 15 minutes when Glen were struggling to get a foothold. Got enough aerial ball to keep them ticking over. Finished really strong as well, including kicking that key score. 8

Jody McDermott: He and brother Danny (injured) follow in the footsteps of their father Roger, who won Ulster with Scotstown in 1989. Brought in to do a job on Kieran Hughes, it was a big ask. Stuck at it and finished the game off with the last score. 6

Emmett Bradley: The Glen talisman and Micheal McCarville really cancelled each other out. Both came in with great form behind them. Didn’t love being pulled to full-back by Darren Hughes but got it sorted. 6

Ethan Doherty: Had decent moments in the first half but the battle was being won by Conor McCarthy. But when McCarthy switched over to Eunan Mulholland, Doherty picked up the baton and was brilliant in the last 25 minutes. 7.5

Jack Doherty: Didn’t look quite right but still threatened down the middle. Kicked one wide off his left but had one assist for Eunan Mulholland his intelligent movement created another chance that Mulholland pulled wide. 6

Conleth McGuckian: Really in the thick of the first 20 minutes if not his usual efficient self. Had Damien McArdle for company and couldn’t shake him as often as he’s been used to. 6.5

Danny Tallon: Easily his best game of the year. A real outlet, looked to take on a surprise opponent in Emmett Caulfield. Brilliant left-footed score into the wind. Won ball, won frees, excellent. 8


Alex Doherty: Not on long enough to be rated.

Stevie O’Hara: Not on long enough to be rated.