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Man (59) becomes 37th person to be arrested over Muckamore Abbey Hospital probe

An investigation is ongoing into the treatment of patients at Antrim's Muckamore Abbey Hospital.
Allan Preston

Police have made a second arrest this week in relation to ill-treatment of patients in Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

Both arrests were made in the Antrim Area, with a 51-year-old man detained on Monday and a 59-year-old on Wednesday.

This now brings the total number of arrests to 37, including a 41-year-old man in the Antrim area last Thursday.

The investigation into Muckamore Abbey Hospital, located in Antrim and operated by the Belfast Health Trust, started in 2017 after allegations that patients with learning difficulties had been mistreated.

It has become the biggest criminal investigation of its kind in Northern Ireland’s history, with the hospital becoming the focus of a major public inquiry.

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