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Donegal GAA club chairman has his own Father Ted moment when his ticket wins raffle

John Haran and his son Ollie
John Haran and his son Ollie John Haran and his son Ollie

LIKE a scene from hit comedy Father Ted, a Donegal GAA club chairman had his own ticket for a Christmas draw selected as the winner - by his son.

John Haran was hosting the draw for St Eunan's GAA Club via a Facebook livestream with the help of his son Ollie, who had been given the honour of reading out the winner, when the hilarious moment unfolded.

As the young boy drew the winning ticket for one of the prizes from the drum - tickets to see one of Garth Brooks' five sold-out shows at Croke Park next year - it was Mr Haran's name that was read aloud.

The Letterkenny club chairman quickly gave up the tickets and promptly said the raffle would be drawn again to avoid any controversy.

But his son can be heard declaring: "Dad, if we won, we won".

He added: "I just took a lucky one."

The footage, which has went viral on social media, reminded many viewers of a scene in the hit comedy Father Ted where the priest had rigged a raffle for a new car to replace his old one.

Viewers of the GAA club draw described the hilarious moment as "priceless" and "brilliant" with many agreeing with Ollie that his father "won fair and square".