Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Labour Party backs Finucane family

Geraldine Finucane widow of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane.
Geraldine Finucane widow of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane. Geraldine Finucane widow of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane.

The Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) has called on the British government to reconsider its decision not to hold a public inquiry into the murder of solicitor Pat Finucane.

A statement released by the LPNI said a motion was passed by their members to back the ongoing campaign by the family of Mr Finucane, who was murdered by loyalists at his home in north Belfast in 1989.

Earlier this month Secretary of State Brandon Lewis said the government would not be ordering an inquiry into the murder at this time.

"Following the admittance of Prime Minister David Cameron in 2012 about the “shocking levels of collusion” involving “agents of the state” in the brutal murder of the solicitor in 1989, a public inquiry would be the only just and fair conclusion to such a horrific and traumatising event for the Finucane family", the LPNI said.

"However, even after the Supreme Court's ruling in February 2019 had highlighted that not all the “full facts surrounding the killing” had been established, the UK Government has insisted that no public inquiry should take place", it continued.

The LPNI also said it supported the words of the Shadow Secretary of State Louise Haigh MP who said the decision to refuse an inquiry was "a painful setback for the Finucane family who, like so many victims, just want the truth."

"Finding peace through reconciliation is one of the key principles that our party works towards across both islands, with so many victims of the troubles understanding the hurt that such a disappointing decision has and continues to bring about", the LPNI said.

"We hope these words of sympathy for the Finucane family can act as some level of support for them in their endeavour for the truth and a word of encouragement that those with the power to carry out such an inquiry can do so".