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Hardline group Saoradh launches Brexit policy document

Saoradh has launched its 'Brexit in the context of Ireland'
Connla Young

Hardline republican group Saoradh has published its response to Brexit.

North Armagh republican Paul Duffy briefed members on the policy document, which was made public at a meeting in west Belfast last night.

The 16-page paper deals with different elements of Brexit and how it impacts on both sides of the border.

‘Brexit in the context of Ireland’ has been developed by party members over recent months.

The document describes Brexit as a “British construct and therefore a matter for the British people”.

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It also outlines the party’s opposition to the EU and says it is “opposed to the usurpation of Irish national sovereignty by the European capitalist and imperialist super state”.

The party uses the document to state its belief that the Good Friday Agreement does not provide "a means to advance the objective of an Irish republic”.

It also rejects the mechanisms contained in the Good Friday Agreement for a border poll.

It adds that it “is not necessary or indeed even practical, given the reality of partition,” to hold an All-Ireland unity referendum.

The party advocates the establishment of All-Ireland popular assemblies which would involve input “from the Irish working class in the debate on Irish reunification”.

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