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Saoradh member slams MI5 informer recruitment attempt in Sweden

Hardline party Saoradh say MI5 has tried to recruit a member who was working in Sweden
Connla Young

A member of hardline republican party Saoradh has claimed MI5 tried to recruit him as an informer while working in Sweden.

The party said the attempt to target Derry-based member Barrá Taylor took place as he visited a restaurant at a hotel in the municipality of Nykoping on Wednesday.

It is claimed Mr Taylor was approached by two men from behind and after being called by name was grabbed by both arms.

Saoradh say the men attempted to “pull him away” into a quieter section of the restaurant because they “wanted to have a chat”. 

It is suggested the same two men previously targeted MrTaylor as he made his way through an airport in Holland under the pretense that he was travelling with a fake passport.

After the approach was rejected, Mr Taylor said the pair left the hotel and got into a waiting car before leaving.

“These approaches and attempts to recruit by British Military intelligence will continue to fail,” Mr Taylor said.

“Republicans like myself know only too well the life of a British informer.”

Saoradh spokesman Paddy Gallagher, said: “Questions need to be asked regarding the legality of such approaches and if the countries in which MI5 are operating in have given authority to do so, or if these British spies are operating illegally.” 

Mr Gallagher said there has been an increase in recruitment attempts particularly on those working abroad in recent months.

“This latest approach has been reported to the Irish Consulate in Sweden, and to the Saoradh members legal team,” he said.

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