Twitter users are revealing the weirdest things they've said and done on painkillers

Bizarre things can happen when you're not quite with it.

Strange things can happen when you’re a little loopy after an operation.

Writer Nicole Cliffe kicked off a conversation about her experience on strong painkillers.

She continued: “I had asked them to just put me out cold before taking the boot off and they wouldn’t do it, just said ‘it’s going to hurt a LOT but you won’t form any memories of it’ and I was like ‘ok that still sounds like I’m going to feel a lot of pain in THIS version of my consciousness’.”

People shared their own stories of the strangest things they’ve said or done on painkillers, and the examples will definitely make you laugh.

From strange hallucinations…

To saying bizarre things…

To bursting out crying in public.

One Twitter user even realised the meaning of life on painkillers.

Bring a pen and paper if you’re going to hospital, you may write an epic poem.

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