Random act of kindness leads to Subway cookies in Ballymena

Cillian (4), Corin (6) and Aodhan (1)  
Cillian (4), Corin (6) and Aodhan (1)   Cillian (4), Corin (6) and Aodhan (1)  

Brenda O'Mullan and her children appreciated the generosity of a stranger in a branch of Subway in Ballymena last week.

She had popped in with her children Corin (6), Cillian (4) and Aodhan (1) to treat them to cookies.

"The young girl behind the till said it was cash only as their card machine was down. Well, I checked my purse and I only had enough change for one cookie," Brenda explained

"A young gentleman who was waiting on his sub being made overheard and handed over a £5 note to get the kids some cookies."

Brenda thanked him and declined the offer "but he insisted" and the day was saved, until something else caught her youngest children's eyes.

"Kids being kids though, my two youngest spied crisps as well and I tried to explain that they couldn’t have them as it was the gentleman’s money. I was mortified.

"But this man was so kind and my kids walked out happy. I didn’t ask his name as I was so embarrassed but hopefully he reads this and he enjoyed his Subway."

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Cookies! Cookies!