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Open the door to property investment success with NI Property Academy’s membership service

Join a network of 200 like-minded individuals to help you achieve your investment goals

Property Girl
Property Girl NI The NI Property Girl team based in Lisburn (Ricky Parker Photography/Ricky Parker Photography)

The NI Property Academy, known for its expert-led property investment education, has announced the launch of its ground-breaking membership service. This innovative offering is designed to equip property enthusiasts across NI, the UK and Ireland with the tools, knowledge, and community support needed to thrive in the property market.

Whether you’re taking your first steps in property investment or looking to refine your strategies, the NI Property Academy’s membership service offers a path to success. For just £20 a month, members gain unprecedented access to a wealth of resources and benefits. So, what’s included?

1. Online Learning Hub:

Subscribers can dive into an extensive online portal featuring a rich library of videos and in-depth documents. The hub acts as your personal guide through the complexities of property investing, providing clear, actionable information to help secure your next property.

2. Academy Live:

Each month, members will have the exclusive opportunity to join a live Zoom session with Eimear Gourley and other industry experts. These sessions are designed to answer your questions in real-time, offer insights into the latest market trends, and assist with any investment challenges you might face.

3. Monthly Networking Events:

Members receive a free ticket to monthly events held in Lisburn. These gatherings are a fantastic opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals, network with fellow investors, and engage in themed discussions that vary each month.

4. Learn on Your Schedule:

Accessibility is key, which is why all live events are recorded and made available to members. This ensures that no one misses out on valuable learning opportunities, regardless of their location or schedule.

5. Exclusive Course Discounts:

Members benefit from special rates on all NI Property Academy courses, allowing for continuous learning and development at a fraction of the cost.

The membership service includes guest appearances from leading solicitors, mortgage brokers, and accountants, all sharing their expertise to foster your success in property investing.

Eimear Gourley, MD said: “Becoming a member of the NI Property Academy means joining a vibrant community of over 200 like-minded individuals, all dedicated to achieving their property investment goals.

“This membership is not just a subscription - it’s also an investment in your future success in the property market. With over 200 success stories and counting, the NI Property Academy is ready to help you write your own success story!”

Don’t wait to make your property investment dreams a reality. Join today and be part of a community that is setting new standards in the property investment landscape. For more information and to sign up, visit www.bit.ly/NIPAmembership