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Why you should think seriously about going solar - The Irish News
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Why you should think seriously about going solar

Thinking of going solar? This eco-friendly power source is a lot more popular than you think. Since Solar NI first became involved in energy saving in 2002, the company have supplied and installed over 5,000 solar systems across Northern Ireland.

Solar NI's aim is to change the way people here think about Solar PV, and to educate and promote public awareness to the benefits of solar power. Below, they explain why solar power is the way forward for NI. 


What kind of solar systems do you supply? 

We supply and install Enphase Solar Energy Systems throughout the country. This unprecedented solar energy intelligence system provides easy to use management capabilities and generates 8 per cent more energy than traditional inverters. In addition, the system comes with a 20 year warranty while monitoring and maintenance work can be done remotely. 

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels collect a vital, abundant, and, even better – free, energy source from the sun, converting it into electricity and hot water for your home. In an hour, the sun radiates more energy than the earth uses in an hour, so it makes sense to capture it for use in the home to save money and stop mining natural resources.

Where can I install PV Solar Panels? 

Solar panels are most efficient once southerly facing, and we would advise a customer to never install anywhere north of the east/west plane. Through our long standing relationship with Schletter Mounting Systems, we can fix our solar panels to all common roofing structures with the capability to design and manufacture a bespoke mounting system for even the most complicated roofing design.


How much energy will Solar Panels produce at my home? 

Typically a domestic system will generate anywhere from 1,500 to 3,500 units of electricity per year, depending on the following factors: the location of your home, pitch of your roof, the orientation of your house, the amount of shade your roof will get and obviously the size of your roof. All these factors are taken into account by our experienced Solar Consultant.



How does the Photovoltaic Panel produce electricity?

Simply put, PV panels have a layer of semi-conducting cells (consisting of ‘doped’ silicon with electrical wires printed on them) between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. The cells are energised when exposed to daylight, creating electricity. The electricity is then used to power your house and any excess is transferred into the national grid.

Where can I find out more? 

Solar NI offer the most cost effective methods of harnessing free solar power and provide a high quality installation and customer service. Feel free to call us on 028 9244 0002. There is someone on hand from 9am to 8pm Monday – Thursday and until 6pm Friday to take any questions you may have.


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