Lotus Exige Cup 380: a race car for road and track

Lotus Exige Cup 380
Lotus Exige Cup 380

LOTUS is continuing its mission to extract as much performance as possible from its long-serving Exige road car-meets-track racer.

The latest version is called the Cup 380 and, with a production run of just 60 examples, it is guaranteed to be highly collectable.

Other key figures include a 0-60mph time of 3.4 seconds, a dry weight that - thanks to liberal use of carbon fibre - is a smidgen over a tonne and bodywork that boosts downforce to 200kg - be in no doubt, the Exige Cup 380 is a serious performance car.

The power-to-weight ration is 350bhp per tonne and the top speed is quoted as 175mph.

Lotus boss Jean-Marc Gales says the Cup 380 blends motorsport ambitions with every day usability.

"This is an Exige that's not just unbeatable point-to-point but also capable of winning highly competitive races," he says.

"The biggest surprise for many is that it's fully road legal - a considerable achievement considering the car's performance capabilities.

"Unlike some rivals' cars, this is something that really can drive to a track, set the fastest lap and take the win, before heading home.

"It's supremely usable, yet outrageously fast."

The engine is a 3.5-litre V6 supercharged unit with 370bhp and 302lb.ft of torque, mated to a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox, with the lever poking through an open-gate.

A highly sophisticated race car specification traction control system is standard; it allows the driver to set the amount of wheel slip to allow the handling to be fine-tuned to their preference.

Adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars allow further adjustment to be made to the chassis set-up.

This race-ready road car costs from £83,000, and can be ordered now.