James Bond’s new car: which wheels would suit the next 007 - and should they be electric?

Everyone’s talking about who the next James Bond should be, but the new 007′s choice of car is just as crucial

Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya .

RUMOURS about Aaron ‘Kick Ass’ Taylor Johnson being selected as the new James Bond are currently swirling, sparking off another of the regular debates about which actors are (un)fit to be bestowed with a cinematic licence to kill.

While Drive certainly has its own ideas on that ­­– Michael Fassbender is the only man fit for the job ­– we are also curious about what Bond number seven will end up driving.

A cameo appearance for one of 007′s classic Lotus Esprits is now long overdue, but as for what his (or her) new wheels should be, there are a few decent modern contenders out there too…


Pay attention, 007: the EV revolution is now well under way, so it’s probably high time Bond got behind the wheel of a non-ICE-powered vehicle – and what better way for Bond to embrace the EV-age than in an electric hyper-GT like the new Lotus Emeya?

One of the best Bonds, Roger Moore, drove a Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only, so there’s already a heritage link.

They could even have a bit of fun with it. Let’s see Bond grumble, Clarkson-style, about being issued with a rechargeable car by Q branch for his latest mission, before being gradually won over by the Emeya’s instant acceleration (0-62mph in 4.1 seconds), fearsome power (603bhp) and – handy for a spy – silent progress.

The fact that its cabin features GT-luxury means he’ll arrive at any trans-European destination neither shaken no stirred, and range anxiety could even be worked into the plot as an extra ‘ticking clock’ for Bond to battle as he races to save the day.


Lotus Emira
Lotus Emira V6

Alternatively, if the Bond folks don’t want to go the EV route just yet, luckily Lotus have a rather tasty ICE offering for cinema’s most famous spy to take a spin in.

The Emira is a ‘track-bred’ two-seater sports car and the supercharged Emira V6 would put 400bhp under Bond’s right foot, propelling him from 0-62mph in a mere 4.2 seconds on his way to a villain-evading 180mph.

Described by Lotus itself as “the most accomplished Lotus road car ever to roll through the Hethel factory gates”, Q branch are sure to come up with a few tasteful modifications to make it even better.


Aston Martin initially had problems with the new DB12 (Max Earey/Aston Martin/PA)
Aston Martin DB12 (Max Earey/Aston Martin/PA)

The Aston marque is already synonymous with the Bond franchise, so the new Aston Martin DB12 would be a natural, if somewhat conventional choice for 007′s new set of wheels.

With a fearsome 670bhp on tap, 0-60mph achievable in a mere 3.4 seconds and V-max of 202mph, the DB12 has the go to match its show: and it does look rather good.

However, does it look as good as his original DB5 – or even the DB10 from Spectre? I’m not so sure.


It may sound a bit silly but, the Citroen Ami with a larger electric motor, could be the ideal city getaway car.
It may sound a bit silly but, the Citroen Ami with a larger electric motor, could be the ideal city getaway car.

Another throwback to the Roger Moore-era, it’s been a good while since Bond slipped behind the wheel of a Citroen: 43 years, in fact, when he pressed a canary yellow 2CV well beyond its intended limits in 1981′s For Your Eyes Only.

However, should 007 end up in Paris at any stage in his next adventure, it would be fun to see him putting one of Citroen’s cute city EVs through its paces, a la Ethan Hunt and the Fiat 500 in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One.

Sure, the Ami looks like a novelty pencil eraser, but given the way the French drive, having a car made out of plastic is actually a good shout in Paris.

OK, the top speed is a glacial 28 mph – but Q branch wouldn’t be long in souping that up to something rather more potent in order to provide their top man with the ultimate ‘Q car’.

The real challenge will be modifying one so that six-footer Michael Fassbender actually fits into it.