Beauty: Tips on how to pamper tired skin during Christmas-New Year party season

Late nights, alcohol and food high in sugar take their toll on skin at this time of year

THERE'S just New Year's Eve left but by this stage party season will be taking its toll in terms of cosmetic complaints. GP Dr Anita Sturnham, of Decree skincare, gives some advice...


Cause: Heavy make-up, sleeping in make-up, food and drink high in sugar, late nights, stress.

How to tackle it: Avoid heavy-coverage long-wear concealers, foundations and compact powders. Look for mineral-based make-up. Use an effective clay-based cleanser before bed. To shrink spots, try massaging with an ice cube for around 15 seconds before bed to help shrink inflammation.

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Decree Deep Cleanse, £55


Cause: Our skin cell remodelling cycle slows in winter, which can mean old, dull-looking skin hanging around on the surface layers.

How to tackle it: Gentle exfoliation can give a beautiful radiant glow. It removes complexion-dulling dead skin cells and allows fresh healthy skin cells to reach the surface.

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Decree Weekly Airbrushing Acid and Replenishing Paste, £120


Cause: A build-up of fluid around the eyes. While some degree of puffiness can be normal, it can also suggest an underlying problem such as an allergy to your skin products or make-up. Late nights, salty food and alcohol can also be a trigger.

How to tackle it: Keep a hyaluronic acid eye sheet mask in the fridge and use this after a night out. The hyaluronic acid will plump and hydrate, while the soothing cold mask will cause vasoconstriction and reduce inflammation. Aloe is a soothing natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which helps relieve fluid build-up around the eyes and improves the appearance of dark circles.

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