From the recording booth to Belfast - Spencer and Vogue take their podcast on tour

Husband-and-wife duo Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are going on the road with their self-titled podcast, discussing everything from Spencer’s obsession with trainers to Vogue’s near-death experience. Sophie Clarke chats to Williams about what it’s like podcasting with your partner...

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews

CELEBRITY couple and popular podcasters Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are stepping out of the recording booth and taking their smash hit The Spencer and Vogue Podcast on the road.

After selling out Dublin’s 3Olympia last year the pair are embarking on their first ever live tour of Ireland. They stopped off in Cork on Friday and have dates in Dublin and Belfast to come.

“I’m so excited to spend the night in Belfast, have a nice dinner – I love the food up there, and it’s so rare to get a full night away from the kids,” says Vogue.

The husband-and-wife duo launched their podcast back in August 2020 and instantly topped the charts with just the trailer.

“The Spencer and Vogue podcast is basically just a couple who are chatting – we definitely have our arguments, but we talk about things that are happening in the week or things that we’ve found interesting and because we are married, we really get into it with each other,” she explains.

The millions of listeners who tune into the show each week will already be well versed with the hilarity that ensues as the couple discuss everything, including camels, adult twins and the return of the moustache (which is just the title of one episode).

“It’s so nice to sit down and chat or fight in front of lots and lots of people because it’s the kind of conversations that you would almost forget to have.

“There’s so much going on in the world so to be able to just sit and talk to your best mate about funny things you’ve found online and just have a laugh is really lovely.”

However, despite the popularity and success of the podcast, Vogue confesses that when the couple first started Spencer was less than impressed with the idea.

“Spenny was kind of against it at the start. He’s so moody on the first ever episode so I like to slag him about that repeatedly, but I think it was because he didn’t really understand the concept of a pod,” she laughs.

“Thankfully he loves it now though, he’s like a proper podcaster.”

In addition to her show with Spencer, Vogue also co-hosts the acclaimed podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me alongside comedian Joanne McNally, which they took on tour in November last year playing to an almost sold out SSE Arena in Belfast.

“When I was up in Belfast it was wild, the venue was amazing and we had such a good night. We went a bit wild I think it was a 3am-er, but it was an amazing night out.”

Although both are conversational podcasts with bizarre topics often intertwining with comedic anecdotes, Vogue claims that they couldn’t be more different.

“It’s like night and day working on the two pods,” she explains. “Even the research; there’s things that I’d use for Therapist that I would never use for Spencer and Vogue - it’s rare to find something that you could talk about on both.

“I obviously have very different relationships with both of them as well. Spencer and Joanne are extreme opposites which I think makes the podcasts very different and makes them appeal to different audiences.”

Similarly, Spencer also co-hosts the 6 Degrees from Jamie and Spencer podcast with his Made in Chelsea co-star Jamie Laing and his own business podcast Big Fish.

“He has three pods; I have three pods and it’s our favourite thing to do,” enthuses Vogue, who, in addition to her podcasts also hosts a wellness series called Taboo Talks in collaboration with healthcare company Boots.

The pair are renowned for their competitiveness having met on Channel 4 series The Jump which Spencer went on to win – while Vogue was forced to quit the show after a training injury.

“It’s all very nice and healthy, we don’t need to be in competition - but if we were I would be the winner,” Vogue clarifies.

Their love of healthy competition is something that audiences will get to experience firsthand during their live shows.

“I think when you’re putting on a show it needs to be a proper show you can’t just sit there and do a podcast that’s boring for people.

“So we’ve added in a bit of stand up where me and Spenny have a stand-up off against each other to see who’s funnier.”

Although the audience decides the winner during the live shows Vogue is feeling quietly confident, particularly as the Irish are well known for their sense of humour.

“What I would say about the Irish - and I’ve only noticed it since I moved to England - is that we just slag each other all the time but we slag each other in a nice way, it’s never nasty.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are stepping out of the recording booth and taking their smash hit self-titled show on the road.
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are stepping out of the recording booth and taking their smash hit self-titled show on the road.

“But I think sometimes Spenny’s like, ‘Why are you slagging me?’ and I have to clarify that I’m only joking with him.

“He’s a lot better with it now because he’s spent so much time with me and my family and we’re always ripping into each other, but I don’t think he’s perfected the Irish sense of humour just yet.”

Vogue’s career began with the Irish reality television series Fade Street before going on to work in various different roles within the industry such as presenting, documentary making and DJ-ing. In 2019 she appeared in two series alongside her husband on their E4 shows Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too and Spencer, Vogue and Wedding Two which can now be found on Netflix.

“I have a very short attention span so I think for me constantly doing something different in my job just makes it really fun for me.

“I like having the variety I don’t think I have a favourite – that would be like choosing a favourite child – it’s a different one each day,” she jokes.

However, her passion for podcasting is evident.

“I love podcasting, I love the research, I love recording and editing plus it’s something I’ve only just learned over the past three years so it’s really exciting to do that and figure out ways to make it better.”

After the Cork Opera House gig, Spencer and Vogue are set to play Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on March 8 and Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre on March 28 and 29.

“If want to come and have a really fun night out and see a good, energetic, upbeat show with a bit of a comedy routine thrown in at the end, then this show will be the one for you,” promises Vogue.


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