Christine McGuinness says she does not plan to marry again after Paddy split

The couple announced in 2022 they had split after 11 years together, but that they are still living together with their three children.

Christine McGuinness
Christine McGuinness (Doug Peters/PA)

Christine McGuinness has said she does not see herself getting married again after separating from her former husband Paddy McGuinness.

The couple announced in 2022 they had split after 11 years together, but that they are still living together with their three children – all of whom have autism.

In an interview with The Sun’s TV magazine, she said she was enjoying having time for herself “for the first time”.

Paddy McGuinness
Paddy McGuinness (Ian West/PA)

Discussing her romantic life, she told the outlet: “I don’t see myself getting married again. I just don’t. I’ve never had time to myself.

“I was with Patrick since I was 19 and now I’m single for the first time in a long time.

“People are kind of ‘Oh, you must be out there having fun and going on dates and having a great time’, but I’m thinking ‘No, I’ve got time for myself for the first time’.

“I don’t need to tell anyone where I’m going or what I’m doing. That is so freeing and something that I’m not sure I want to give away again.”

She married former Top Gear presenter Paddy in 2011 and they share three children together – Felicity, and twins Leo and Penelope.

Last year, the author and presenter released a BBC documentary titled Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism after she was diagnosed later in life.

It follows her journey of self-discovery that uncovers the links between her autism and struggles growing up.

Christine has previously said she stayed in her marriage as she did not want her family to “fall apart” and that as an autistic woman she likes things to “stay the same”.

Opening up about their current living arrangements, she told magazine that not a lot has changed in their lives.

“We haven’t done what most couples do, where they separate and almost instantly someone moves out and they don’t see each other again,” she said.

“Me and Patrick aren’t like that. We’re still in the family home, we’re still raising the children together, doing all the important things together like school plays, sports days, Christmas, birthdays.

“We’ve got a good understanding of parenting and how important it is for both of us to be in the children’s lives, so we support each other. We both equally want to be there to enjoy those times.”

She added that the arrangement is currently working for them, but she is not sure if it is their long-term plan.

Christine revealed she has considered the possibility of dating but she does feel it would work in her current situation.

“I’m not sure anybody would be okay with dating someone who still lives with their ex,” she added.

“I’m happy to put my life on hold until I figure that out. I certainly wouldn’t be ready for anything serious.

“I think a bit of fun maybe, eventually, would be nice — to have some adult company. But it would take a really understanding person. Like I said, I’m not in any rush.”