TikTok Talks: Sean Casey on fitness, social media success and 30 days of sandwiches

TikTok trainer Sean Casey has taken the internet by storm, gaining 25.3 million likes on the app since he started posting videos sharing “the truth” about weight loss during Covid.

“I was in uni in 2019 just before lockdown and I lost the run of myself in terms of a lot of drinking, drugs and found myself going down a bad path,” Sean explained.

“Then I took a step back and realised that wasn’t what I wanted, I’d gotten out of shape, I had no interests, and I wasn’t doing sport anymore.

“So, I started learning about health and fitness and transforming my own body.

@scaseyfitness I bought my Mum a Tesla ♬ original sound - Sean Casey

“Then, in 2020 we got pushed into lockdown and by that stage I’d gotten myself onto the straight and narrow and had learnt a lot about health and fitness and I thought the only thing that would feel better than doing this for myself would be doing this for other people.”

By posting forthright fitness tips, slow cooker content, and meaningful mental health videos, the SCasey Fitness brand has skyrocketed with over two million followers and nearly six million across all of Sean’s socials.

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“I didn’t expect my content to be received in any way because I didn’t think my videos were going to reach so many people.

“What I’ve tried to do from the start is just be myself but honestly, I had no expectations of any of this happening,” he said.

@scaseyfitness Sloghtly higher body, much higher quality of life ♬ original sound - Sean Casey

Aside from his iconic monotone voice, what sets Sean’s approach to fitness apart from other health and wellness pages is its accessibility.

“A lot of people overcomplicate fitness in order to confuse their audience so that they can profit off them by making them think that they need different products or services.

@scaseyfitness Stop exercising to burn calories You could spend 30 mins on a stair master & eat them calories back in 30 seconds So it makes no sense to focus on the calories we burn over the calories we eat Luckily you don’t have to earn your food Here’s how you actually burn calories 60% - BMR This is the calories your body burns each day just by existing, so you could literally lie in bed all day and not move an for the average person you’d still burn well over 1000 calories 20% - NEAT ‍♂️‍♀️ This is the amount of calories that you burn through any daily movement that isn’t exercise, so doing the dishes, scratching your head, fidgeting etc 10% - TEF ️ The thermic effect of food means that you literally burn calories to process the food that you eat, protein has the highest thermic effect so foods higher in protein will mean you burn more calories while eating them 10% - Exercise ️‍♀️ For the average person, exercise makes up a very small percentage daily calories burned So what does this mean? Instead of exercising to burn calories or earn your food you should use it as a tool to get fitter, stronger and healthier Since most of your calorie burning is done for you, you don’t have to go out and burn calories to lose weight Focus on what you’re eating, not what you’re burning Hope this makes sense ♬ That Couch Potato Again - Prod. By Rose

“People don’t like to simplify things because if you simplify things and explain things to people, they’ll realise that they don’t need 99 per cent of the products and services that are advertised.

“So, a lot of people will post about methods you have to do whereas what I do is I post about principles – I’ll explain the principle of fat loss, or the principle of building muscle and all the different ways you can achieve that principle.

@scaseyfitness The Truth About Aspartame Huge shoutout to @Stephen keane ♬ original sound - Sean Casey

“My point is that everyone’s suited to different methods, which is why people need educated on the principles, but unfortunately, it’s not as profitable.”

Last month, Sean was on a mission to prove that bread doesn’t make you gain weight by only eating sandwiches for 30 days while aiming to lose between 4-6kg. He managed to lose 4.5kg and was dubbed sandwich boy by fans.

@scaseyfitness The sandwich challenge is over ❤️ ♬ Journey of Discovery - Elephant Music

“People have a lot of fear around food, people think that they can’t eat certain foods, they can’t eat carbs, bread or pasta if they’re trying to lose weight.

“So, I wanted to take an extreme approach to prove a point by literally eating nothing but sandwiches.

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“It was a fun challenge; it was good craic and people got a lot of laughs out of it, but the deeper meaning of it was to help people with their relationship with food and remove the fear around it.”

@scaseyfitness The fat burning zone Don’t get tricked on this one Fat burning is not fat loss Fat burning just means that’s what you’re using for fuel You can burn fat all day, but if you eat too many calories you’ll still gain body fat You couldn’t also never be in a fat burning zone But if you eat in a deficit, you’ll still lose fat In summary, stop focusing on fat burning zones ♬ Intellectual, cool, fashionable jazz piano for a long time(978517) - Single Origin Music

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to his TikTok’s, Sean developed the SC Social Circle to help others expand their platforms.

He also studied to become a personal trainer and launched The Academy Group coaching platform, which has helped thousands of people.

As a result, Sean’s comment sections and inboxes are flooded with positive, uplifting and supportive responses from people who have followed his advice, highlighting how much and how many people are benefiting from his content.

“Some of the messages I get are just absolutely crazy and it fuels me to keep doing what I’m doing.

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“I’ve got some crazy deep messages and I feel truly humbled to be able to help so many people in some small way.”

Additionally, Sean has also released three best-selling recipe books, runs a one-on-one online fitness coaching business and is in the process of developing a new fitness app called Glean which he hopes will revolutionise weight loss and health, aiming to release it in March next year.

@scaseyfitness This shouldn’t even be a debate But every week without fail I get sent a new podcast or video from an “expert” confusing people “They said calories don’t matter” “They said just eat whatever you want” It’s absolutely ridiculous that all people that do this as their full time job can’t come to a common sense agreement Calories are always the driving force behind weight loss / gain FACT The foods we eat can effect our appetite, energy & health, also FACT So be careful of people that are all one sided Somewhere in the middle is often the truth But I’m just a 22 year old with a PT qualification, what would I know ♬ Sunshine - WIRA

Despite running four businesses, designing an app and being a social media personality, Sean shows no signs of slowing down.

“This is my life 24:7 at the minute and I’m fully committed to it. I post every day I’m always on my stories. There’s always something going on, so there is that pressure there, but I think that I thrive under it.”

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Although Sean has a lot on his plate, he believes that he would struggle more if he didn’t have social media.

“It’s difficult, but for me it would be more difficult not to do this because I enjoy it so much.

@scaseyfitness Next time you spill a bit of water, don’t flood the whole kitchen ♬ original sound - Sean Casey

“I love working for myself. I love growing different businesses, so as difficult as it is, I put myself in this position because I thrive in the difficulty and enjoy the difficulty and the challenge that comes with it. I absolutely love what I do and will never complain about it.”

Although Sean studied business at Ulster University, it is evident there is nothing he would rather do.

@scaseyfitness Some well needed clarification ♬ Epic Music(863502) - Draganov89

“I like making any video that I can get my personality across in I have a dry sense of humour and a monotone voice and that’s exactly the way I am.

“I also like getting a lot of local slang into my videos because the Americans love it, they’re always asking what craic is because they think I’m talking about the drug,” he laughed.

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“Whether it’s a cooking video or fitness or a video with my family, as long as I can keep it light-hearted and get my personality into it, I enjoy making it not matter what it is.”

He also hopes that through his content the younger generation will see that success comes in different forms and can take different routes.

@scaseyfitness One pot cheesy taco rice Full credit to @bethanyydobson for this recipe, check out her page for some amazing recipes and super helpful content! Don’t forget to grab the recipe e-book bundle deal too Ingredients - 1 onion - 500G lean beef mince - taco seasoning - 2 beef stock cubes with 750ml boiling water - 300G Jasmine rice (dry weight) - 30G tomato purée - 60G light cheese Nacho chips or Doritos go perfect with this to scoop it out straight from pan but they’re optional This makes 4 portions and each has: - 510 calories - 38G protein Don’t forget to save this one and give it a go ♬ Mishaps - Lofi-nimation

“I’m really trying to use my influence and my following to inspire young people but also show them that there are different ways of being successful and it’s not all about making money and acting like a big shot.

“The main thing across business, life, nutrition etc is everybody is different so I never like to just to tell people there's only one route.”