TikTok Talks: Gerry Lavz on Q Radio, turning 30 and what makes a good Chinese

Jordan Humphries and Gerry Lavz pictured in the Q Radio studio. Picture by Hugh Russell
Jordan Humphries and Gerry Lavz pictured in the Q Radio studio. Picture by Hugh Russell

Since starting his page, charismatic content creator Gerry Lavz has amassed over 23,600 followers and one million likes.

“I was very hesitant about starting TikTok, I would have used Instagram as a social media platform but everyone kept saying to me TikTok is more fun, it focuses more on your personality as opposed to the aesthetic so it was a bit more unfiltered,” Gerry explains.

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“I only started using it properly this year, but I think it’s a fair algorithm where everyone can have a fair chance. One video can just blow up or go viral it’s not about who or what you are and I think that’s what makes it so much more relatable and appealing to people because they are much more comfortable on it.”

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Gerry’s TikTok offers a variety of versatile content, from beauty tips to comedy skits.

“I came out of the womb wanting to entertain and make people laugh. That’s always been me, that was always my thing.

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“However, my struggle especially when I went to uni was trying to figure out how to use that in some way.

“I suppose being from Northern Ireland I didn’t see much of a media presence or have many opportunities to build a career because it’s so much smaller here compared to the likes of England or America,” he said.

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“That’s beauty of social media though because it’s universal and everybody is connected by it. Obviously there are downsides to it too, but I think overall it’s a positive way to connect with different cultures, walks of life, and it allows you to build your own platform.”

Initially starting out offering fashion and beauty advice, it was Gerry’s hilarious weekly Chinese reviews that gained him a following.

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“A low hygiene rating is a must. The lower the rating the better the taste, if the sign is half hanging off the building, that’s another sign of a good Chinese,” he laughed

“The main thing for me though is spice. I think it needs to have a good kick and really ooze flavour. I also love a good snack box or a spice bag where you can get loads of variety. I’m more of a pick'n'mix kind of Chinese takeaway person. I love to have a mixture of everything.”

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As a result of his growing social media presence, comedic content and vivacious personality,  Gerry attracted the attention of Q Radio, who offered him a slot on Friday afternoons alongside Jordan Humphries presenting Jordan and Gerry’s Jukebox, which aims to create the ultimate Friday feeling by giving listeners the chance to request their favourite party anthems.

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“I was very conscious about the transition from social media to radio because I’ve been doing social media for over six years and with that I feel I can be very authentic and be myself. Whereas radio has a different audience, and you have to be a certain kind of way. Q Radio has been fantastic though, because it’s helped me to become more professional, but I've also been able to remain true to myself.”

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Having been at Q Radio for a year now, Gerry's time is split between his social media posting and radio presenting.  

“This is what I love to do, so I don’t find it pressurising, but you are juggling two different forms of media,” explains Gerry.

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“On your social media you can talk about having a bad day or how you're feeling at that time, whereas if you’re a radio presenter you are controlling a show, and it has to be fun, it has to be relatable, and it has to be high energy and engaging. 

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“One is before the watershed and the other is after the watershed is how I like to describe it.”

In addition to making creative content, Gerry’s videos always look sleek with smooth transitions, good lighting, and well selected sound. However, putting these three-minute moments together is more difficult than it looks.

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“A lot of people don’t believe that social media is a real job, but the one thing I will say is it takes a lot of effort. You are the person behind the camera, in front of the camera, and you’re the person editing everything. You do it all yourself.

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“I always say being creative is a blessing but also a curse, because your brain never stops, you’re constantly thinking of ideas, and you can never really switch off, but an average video takes about three hours; an hour for prep, an hour of recording and then editing,” says Gerry.

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Anyone who has been following Gerry’s social media recently will know that his content has mainly consisted of coverage of his milestone birthday bonanza.

“I did a death to his twenties themed birthday party, it was in the Castle Kitchen and Bar at Galgorm we set the room up to look quite gothic and vampy everyone wore black in memorial of my twenties, and then I wore gold because we have resurrected into a new decade.

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“I see 30 as a big milestone. I’ve always dreamed of my 30th birthday. I don’t know why. It’s just always been that one thing where I couldn’t wait to turn 30. I think there’s something very solidifying about it. The older you get, the more you learn and it is a blessing.

“Don’t recommend hangovers at 30, though that’s the only thing I will say.”

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Now having entered a new decade, Gerry is looking ahead to the future and hoping to find a new way to continue doing what he loves.

“I really want to do a podcast. I love my job at Q Radio and I love social media and I feel like a podcast is the perfect in between, because you’re still getting to chat to people, but you can also afford to be a bit more unfiltered.

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“I think it would be a great opportunity to show a different side to me where I can have deeper conversations about certain things. So that is the main thing I’m looking into at the minute.”