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Special Congress Motions explained

Diarmuid Pepper

Motion 2:

The decision was taken to consider Motion 2 ahead of Motion 1 at the Special Congress.

Motion 2 determined the make-up of the proposed two-tier system.

There were two options on the table.

Option 1 stated that the second tier would consist of counties that were competing in Division 3 and 4 of the Allianz Football League in the year prior to the All-Ireland Championship.

That would have resulted in counties from Division 3 and 4 of 2019's Allianz Football League competing in the second tier of the 2020 All-Ireland Championship.

However, Option 2 was passed with 87.5% support. This called for the second tier of the All-Ireland Championship be determined by the outcome of the current Allianz League.

This means that counties which are promoted from Division 3 of this year's Allianz Football League will compete in the top tier, while counties which are relegated from Division 2 will compete in the second tier.

However, should a Division 3 or 4 county reach its respective provincial final, they will be included in the top tier and compete for Sam Maguire.

Motion 3:

The advanced mark got the go-ahead also, receiving 68.9% support.

This was trialled in the Allianz Football League and was one of three playing rules motions considered.

It was put forth as a means to encourage kick-passing, which is thought by some to have dwindled in recent times.

Currently, players are rewarded for catching the ball clean from kick-outs which travel 20 metres or more.

However, players will now be rewarded for cleanly catching the ball inside the opposition's 45m line, provided that the ball travels 20 metres or more and doesn't touch the ground.

As with marks from a kick-out, players can choose to play on or take a free-kick instead.

When a mark is taken between the end-line and the 13m line, the free will be brought back to the 13m line.

Motion 4:

This motion, which passed with 73.8% support, introduces a ten-minute sin-bin for a player who commits a black card offence.

If the sin-binned player were to commit another black card offence when he re-enters the play, he would receive a red card.

And if a player who has already picked up a yellow card receives a black card, he will be sent off for the remainder of the game.

Currently, a player who receives a black card can be replaced by a substitute, unless he has already received a yellow card or his team have already used all of its substitutes.

A linesman will keep track of the ten-minute suspension; this will pose no problems for inter-county games, but could prove difficult for underage and some adult club games where linesmen may be partial or difficult to come by.

Motion 5:

Motion 5 also passed with 83.1% support.

This means that all kickouts will now be taken from the 20 metre line as opposed to the current mark of the 13m line.

The kickout must travel forward and all players must be at least 13 metres away. All players also have to be outside the D for the kickout.

The aim of this motion is to encourage longer kickouts and to present more opportunities for marks.

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GAA Football

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