Final warning. Ulster GAA wants good behaviour after trouble flares in Clones

Ulster GAA CEO Brian McAvoy
Ulster GAA CEO Brian McAvoy

ULSTER GAA has condemned unspecified "isolated actions" by supporters at this year's provincial Championship semi-finals which, he said, "did nothing to enhance" the GAA's standing within the community.

During the Armagh versus Down semi-final at Clones on April 30, flares were lit by fans of both counties on the Hill before and during the game and Gardai moved into the crowd to deal with minor disturbances. In his statement, Ulster GAA CEO Brian McAvoy may also have been referencing the removal of a Union flag at the Monaghan-Derry semi-final at Omagh the previous day.

McAvoy called on fans of Armagh and Derry travelling to Sunday’s Ulster final at Clones to enjoy the occasion respectfully.

“Clones will be beaming on Sunday with a full capacity St Tiernach’s Park hosting the showpiece game of Gaelic Football calendar in the province,” he said.

“The GAA prides itself on being a community and family organisation and we want Sunday’s game to be a celebration of all that is good about our Association and a great day for the GAA in Ulster.

“Unfortunately, isolated actions by a very small minority of supporters at both semi-finals did nothing to enhance our status within the community and I appeal to all supporters to by all means ‘get behind’ their team, but to do so in a way which is respectful to everyone, irrespective of their creed, gender, tradition, political opinion, or indeed which team they support.”