Christmas reflection: In all things, God is with us

OUR airports will be busy at Christmas. People like to be home, to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

While many get home an increasing number of people in our towns and cities have no home to go to.

Last month, due to violence in Myanmar, 500,000 Rohingya people joined the recorded statistic of refugees in the world.

Food banks throughout Northern Ireland are in great demand and many families will depend on them to provide a Christmas meal - and meals after that.

The birth of Jesus took place in nothing better than a stable.

Subsequently, because of a threat on the life of Christ, the family fled to Egypt as refugees.

The Advent story reminds us of the vulnerability of people and the tragic circumstances people suffer.

In the chaos of the world the message of the incarnation is 'God is with us'.

It may seem in tragic situations that God is with us least.

However, the good news of Christ's birth, death and resurrection revealed to us in the Bible is that in today's broken world, God is with us most.

Rt Rev Dr Noble McNeely

Moderator, Presbyterian Church in Ireland