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Pokemon Go pair fall off ocean cliff playing the new digital game

Global to the mobile pocket monster game, Pokemon Go, has been nothing short of a phenomenon

TWO men who were playing Pokemon Go have fallen off an ocean bluff in Southern California.

Encinitas firefighters said the men climbed through a fence while playing the digital-monster mobile phone game.

One man fell about 50ft down the side of the unstable bluff and the other fell about 90ft to the beach.

They were taken to hospital with moderate injuries.

The wildly popular game involves chasing digital creatures that pop up as you move about the real world.

There have been reports of distracted players walking into trees, playing while driving, and even being robbed by crooks who lured players with digital goodies.

In Anaheim, California, police say one player was stabbed by a group of men in a park on Wednesday. His wounds were not life-threatening.

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World news