UK set for sharp north-south contrast in weather this weekend

Northern and southern parts of the UK will see a contrast in weather this weekend, with high temperatures and torrential rainfall affecting different areas.

The Met Office has issued both amber and yellow rain warnings for large parts of Scotland and northern England from Saturday to Sunday morning.

Fine and dry weather in southern and central England, meanwhile, could see temperatures rise as high as 25C by Sunday afternoon.

Oli Claydon, spokesman for the Met Office, said: “For the south of the UK, we’ve got slightly ridged conditions and higher pressure bringing a more settled day with a fair amount of sunshine around.

“(It will be) dry for pretty much everyone in the southern half of the country and unseasonably warm temperatures as well.

“As we get into the very far north of England and into Scotland that’s where the difference starts, with some persistent and heavy rain across Scotland and mostly notably in western Scotland, where we’re likely to see the highest totals.”

A yellow rain warning covering much of Scotland, active from midnight on Saturday to 06:00 on Sunday, could bring rainfall of 50-75mm in low-lying areas and close to 100mm on higher ground.

Within that is a separate amber warning covering Central Scotland, Tayside and Fife from 03:00 on Saturday to 06:00 the following day.

The Met Office said this area could see as much as 150-180mm of rainfall accumulating in the wettest spots.

Ruth Ellis, flood duty manager for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, said the forecast in Scotland was “a major rainfall event” and extensive river and surface water flooding impacts, including property flooding and widespread transport disruption, were likely.

Temperatures in south-east England could reach 24C on Saturday, with the Midlands and Wales also remaining sunny.

The fine and settled conditions here will continue into Sunday, albeit with slightly more cloud and hazy sunshine, with high temperatures more widespread across central and southern areas of England, Mr Claydon said.

Rainfall in Scotland will move northwards through the day, with dry and more cloudy conditions expected in previously affected areas.

Mr Claydon said temperatures in Scotland will not climb any higher than 13C on Saturday and 16C on Sunday, thanks to more cloud and a lack of warmer air.