Just Stop Oil supporters cause disruption at four bridges in London

(Jordan Pettitt/PA)
(Jordan Pettitt/PA)

Just Stop Oil demonstrators have caused disruption at four bridges in London in their latest round of protest action.

Metropolitan Police officers moved the protesters off Waterloo Bridge, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge on Tuesday.

The force said it was not aware of any arrests.

Section 12 conditions were issued to protesters at Tower Bridge, the Met said.

The protest group said 68 Just Stop Oil supporters began marching on the four bridges, slowing traffic to a crawl at 4.15pm.

Adam Beard, 54, a gardener from Stroud, said: “I’ve been supporting Just Stop Oil as the Government is not following the clear advice of the climate scientists, the UN or the International Energy Agency, who all agree that to have any hope of avoiding the worst effects of the climate crisis we need to stop developing new oil and gas extraction projects.

“Their insistence on extracting every last drop of oil and puff of gas is putting countless lives at risk around the world and threatening everything we hold dear here in the UK.”