Polish student killed in ‘ferocious’ knife ambush by ex-boyfriend

Anna Jedrkowiak, known as Ania, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend as she walked home from work in Ealing, west London in May last year (Metropolitan Police/PA)
Anna Jedrkowiak, known as Ania, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend as she walked home from work in Ealing, west London in May last year (Metropolitan Police/PA)

A murderous ex-boyfriend told a Polish student “we will be together no matter what” before he ambushed her in an alleyway and stabbed her to death after she ended their relationship.

Dennis Akpomedaye, 30, waited for Anna Jedrkowiak to finish her shift at Las Iguanas in Ealing, west London on May 17 last year before he followed her and her friend to a deserted alley.

Wearing a balaclava and with his hood up, he stabbed the 21-year-old, known as Ania, 40 times, including a wound to her neck that detectives believe was an attempt to decapitate her.

Detective Chief Inspector Brian Howie, who led the investigation into her death, said: “This was an extremely violent and ferocious attack.”

Ania was “a bright, lively, positive lady” who had been concerned for Akpomedaye’s welfare following the split, he said.

Akpomedaye, of Blewitt Street, Newport, was found guilty of her murder at Kingston Crown Court on Thursday. He will be sentenced at the same court on Wednesday May 31.

The pair met online in January 2021 and dated for around a year, before Ania brought the relationship to an end.

Police said in the weeks before her murder Akpomedaye, who could not accept the break-up, began trying to manipulate her.

“He was emotionally blackmailing her and she became scared in the weeks before she was murdered when he told her ‘We will be together no matter what. I will find you’.

“Unfortunately, he clearly meant it,” Mr Howie said.

Akpomedaye was himself injured during the horrifying attack, giving false names when he twice went to hospital for treatment.

He used a bizarre cover story that he was a sword performer hurt when a trick had gone wrong.

But the killer had left a trail of blood leading from the scene, taking detectives to where he had dumped items that he had stolen from Ania in a pond in Gunnersbury Park.

Using CCTV, forensic evidence and phone analysis, Metropolitan police officers managed to arrest him within 22 hours of Ania’s death.

He was caught at Victoria coach station trying to return home to Wales.

Police say he has never shown any remorse for the murder, refusing to answer officers’ questions or to attend court for his trial.

“This was an unfortunate case of a man who could not come to terms with the break-up of the relationship,” Mr Howie said.

Ania’s heartbroken mother has travelled over from Poland to attend court for the proceedings, alongside her sister who lives in the UK.

The pair along with Ania’s friends held a moving vigil a year on from her death, walking her final route and placing a flower and a picture at the spot where she died.

Mr Howie added: “From our investigation she was such a bright, lively, positive young lady that only wanted the best for people. It’s just tragic what’s happened to her.