What the papers say – May 7

A range of stories feature on the front pages of Britain’s newspapers on Tuesday.

What the papers say – May 7
What the papers say – May 7 (Peter Byrne/PA)

Israel’s refusal to agree to the terms of a ceasefire with Hamas features among a variety of stories on the front pages of Tuesday’s papers as Israel vowed to begin strikes on Rafah.

The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and The Guardian all ran with stories on the conflict.

Moving onto health, The Metro splashes with dozens of missed opportunities by doctors to detect brain cancer in patients.

The i runs with a piece on a new study that found carriers of a particular gene are 95% likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

The Daily Mail leads with a political story, with the Greens denying they had any idea of a councillor’s anti-rabbi rant as a fresh row erupts on antisemitism.

The Daily Mirror splashes on pleas made by Molly Russell’s father, who says tech firms are still failing teens.

The Daily Express runs with a story on housing prices in Britain, with costs set to skyrocket.

The Financial Times splashes on global trade growth, which is set to more than double this year.

And the Daily Star reports Britain’s feral cats learned their wild ways from the Vikings.