Audio: Catholics who voted yes should consider confession says bishop

Bishop Kevin Doran
Bishop Kevin Doran Bishop Kevin Doran

CATHOLICS who voted yes in the abortion referendum should consider going to confession, a Sligo bishop has said.

Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran made the comments when interviewed by Sean O'Rourke on RTE radio.

His comments sparked a number of text messages from listeners. Many identified themselves as regular Mass-goers, who had been silent yes voters, while others supported the bishop's stance.

Bishop Doran said voting yes was a sin and that those who decide to attend confession "will be received with the same compassion as any other penitent".

“Every person’s vote has both a moral significance and a political significance. Ultimately this is about asking people to take personal responsibility with their own relationship with God and their own relationship with the Church," he said.

One woman said: "I was a silent yes, I’m a Catholic mother, grandmother, regular mass-goer, minister of the Eucharist and above all, a compassionate person… I do hope that it will only be in extreme cases that abortion will be allowed."

Another said: "I’m a practising Catholic and I feel so sad and unwelcome now. I voted yes, I will always stand for a woman’s right to choose, and I feel I can’t go to Mass now on Sunday if that is the way the Church will regard me."

However, there were others who supported the comments.

"I’m delighted at the bishop’s comments, the celebrations in Dublin Castle were very sad," said one person.

Another added: "Well done Bishop Doran, he is merely upholding the teaching of the Catholic Church."

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