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Noah Donohoe: Who are the expert team of investigators behind new documentary?

A CCTV image of Noah Donohoe taken on the day he was reported missing
A CCTV image of Noah Donohoe taken on the day he was reported missing A CCTV image of Noah Donohoe taken on the day he was reported missing

The expert team assembled for an investigative documentary about the death of Belfast school boy Noah Donohoe have been profiled, including “the UK’s best detective" Clive Driscoll.

More than £150,000 has been raised for the project through a crowdfunding campaign, led by the Dublin-based journalist Donal MacIntyre, with the appeal set to close this Saturday.

It was launched at the request of Noah's mother, Fiona Donohoe, over questions still remaining around the death of the 14-year-old who went missing during a bike trip from his home on June 21, 2020.

His body was found in a north Belfast storm drain six days later.

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Posting regular updates on the fundraiser and documentary progress online, Mr MacIntyre introduced his expert team with short video profiles.

On former DCI Driscoll, he said: “I’ve known him for 20 years and he’s regarded as the UK’s most successful murder detective with a unique skill in solving the unsolvable, those intractable cases that been immersed in police corruption, incompetence and public controversy.”

He secured two convictions against the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, which Mr MacIntyre called “a landmark case which has left the Metropolitan Police’s reputation in tatters with allegations of corruption, leaving the force declared institutionally racist”.

He continued: “He is universally regarded as the victim’s champion. He runs his own charity and is a best-selling author.”

His recent work on the Stephen Lawrence investigation was also made into a three-part series starring Steve Coogan.

Having already visited Belfast to work on the documentary, Mr MacIntyre said the respected detective was “deeply concerned by the PSNI’s approach and their dedicated adherence to a theory before key evidence was tested and even before Noah’s body was found.”

Former DCI Andy Crocker was introduced as “a leading cyber consultant to police forces around the globe and runs a successful cyber education company.”

He has also worked with Mr MacIntyre on the Georgina Gharasallah missing persons case, where he was “instrumental in driving Sussex police to admitting serious failures in its CCTV search for the missing mum of two.”

Mr Crocker is said to have “significant concerns” over the PSNI’s trawl of CCTV footage and PII strategy.”

His work on the documentary so far has involved recruiting specialist hard drive forensic examiners to assist the investigation, with Mr MacIntyre adding: “We could not wish for a better partner.”

Professor David Wilson is described as “one of the world’s most influential criminologists,” who has worked as a police consultant and profiler for decades with a specialism in serial killers and invisible victims of crime.

Having served as the youngest prison governor in the UK, he was educated at Cambridge University and has been “a brilliant academic, broadcaster and profiler” for the last 25 years.

“He is a best-selling author, investigator and finds fresh insights others are blind to,” contributing substantial work on unsolved cases in Ireland and the UK.

Mr MacIntyre said he was impressed by Prof Wilson’s “unique skills and precision of thought.”

“I count him as a friend and collaborator, and he is a key partner on our team of experts, and at the forefront of this independent investigation into Noah Donohoe’s tragic death.”

The documentary is due to air after the completion of a formal inquest into Noah’s death, which was delayed last year over issues surrounding CCTV footage and forensic toxicology reports.