Northern Ireland

Boat appears on top of Co Tyrone bonfire

The bonfire with a boat on top at Moygashel, Co Tyrone.
The bonfire with a boat on top at Moygashel, Co Tyrone. The bonfire with a boat on top at Moygashel, Co Tyrone.

A boat has been placed atop a loyalist bonfire which is to be lit this weekend in Co Tyrone.

The vessel appeared on top of the bonfire at Moygashel outside Dungannon.

The pyre has been built with wooden pallets with the boat appearing at the weekend along with flags attached.

It is understood a bonfire at the same site last year had a small caravan placed on top ahead of being torched.

This year's bonfire at the site also features a banner stating 'Moygashel says 'no' to Irish Sea border' in protest at Northern Ireland Protocol trading arrangements agreed by the UK and EU following Brexit.

The UK and EU have since agreed the Windsor Framework deal on the Protocol, which has been rejected by the DUP as a solution to the issues it says remain outstanding in relation to the Irish Sea border.

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The DUP is continuing its boycott of power-sharing at Stormont over the Protocol.

Images of the bonfire circulating on social media saw a 'no sea border' message photoshopped onto the side of the boat.

The bonfire will be lit on Friday at 10.30pm following a local fun day event.

Next Tuesday night will see the majority of loyalist bonfires across the north lit as part of Eleventh Night celebrations ahead of Twelfth of July Orange Order parades.

Among those to comment on online images of the bonfire and boat was loyalist Jamie Bryson.

"Fantastic from the loyalists of Moygashel," Mr Bryson said in a tweet.

"The Protocol, nor the Framework to implement & embed, will never be tolerated by any self respecting unionist/loyalist. No compromise. We have nothing left to give. Enough was enough long ago."

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