Northern Ireland

Drinkers urged to rethink habits ahead of NI Alcohol Awareness Week

NI Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from June 19 - 25.
NI Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from June 19 - 25.

ADULTS in the north have been urged to "rethink" their drinking habits ahead of NI Alcohol Awareness Week.

The Belfast-based ASCERT charity, which works to reduce drug and alcohol harm, said a "significant number" of people here consume too much alcohol, with levels of problem drinking having increased in recent years.

A report by the Department of Health recorded a four cent  increase in excess drinking in 2020/21, while 22 per cent of all adult drinkers in the north reported drinking more since the Covid pandemic.

NI Alcohol Awareness Week 2023 takes place from June 19th – 25th.

ASCERT has launched a new campaign, titled Rethink Your Drink, to encourage a healthier approach to alcohol.

Its chief executive Gary McMichael said: “When it comes to alcohol, around 80 percent of the population drink and a significant number of those drink at levels which are problematic for them."

He added of their website: "We have developed self-help digital resources including an Alcohol MOT Test and you can visit our virtual bar to check the alcohol units in your favourite tipple. These tools are there so that people can help themselves in order to achieve a positive change in their alcohol use.”