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Belfast-made 'bazooka'-like weapon proving lethal for Russian tanks

A Ukrainian serviceman fires an NLAW anti-tank weapon during an exercise occurring before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Picture Vadim Ghirda

A BELFAST-made anti-tank weapon is proving "quite effective" in helping Ukranian forces combat invading Russian troops.

The NLAW missile, made in Belfast by French arms manufacturer Thales, is helping target the weak spots of Russian tanks in Ukraine, a military and defence journalist has said.

Tim Ripley, of military news outlet, told BBC Radio Ulster yesterday that 2,000 of the shoulder-mounted firearms have been supplied to Ukrainian forces by the UK.

Described as "the modern day version of the World War 2 bazooka", Mr Ripley said they carry a warhead specifically designed to penetrate tank armour at the top of the vehicle where it is weakest.

"The Russian tanks have lots of extra-thick armour around the fronts and the sides, so being able to attack the weak top armour is a new feature that's proving quite effective," Mr Ripley said.

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