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Family dog left covered in blood in Co Fermanagh after half his ear is 'sliced off'

Charlie the Dalmatian underwent surgery after part of his ear was sliced off during an incident in Co Fermanagh
Marie Louise McConville

A CO Fermanagh businessman has told how he found the family's pet dog covered in blood and missing part of an ear after an apparent knife attack at their home.

Scott Robinson, who lives in Brookeborough, said his pet Dalmatian Charlie had to undergo surgery yesterday in the wake of the attack on Tuesday.

Two smaller dogs, who were also in the garden of the house in the Main Street area, had not been targeted.

Mr Robinson said a vet, who tended the animal, said the injury was "too clean cut for an animal" to have been responsible.

Speaking to The Irish News last night Mr Robinson said he believed intruders had targeted his or a nearby property early yesterday and Charlie may have disturbed them.

"There was no noise of him. Normally, Charlie would be barking at the kitchen window. I opened the door and the whole place was covered in blood and he was covered in blood.

Charlie pictured with his owner, Scott Robinson

"When I called the vet, they came out. She said it was too clean cut for an animal. It had to be a human. Someone actually cut him," he said.

"Half his ear was gone. We found it on the ground. It has been slashed off by something".

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Mr Robinson said Charlie, who is 13 and has been with his family since he was a puppy, underwent surgery yesterday.

Warning other householders with pets to be vigilant he said: "Make sure there's nothing for them to break in for. Nothing that is going to invite them".

Mr Robinson said he feared anti-social elements may have been responsible. "A few neighbours said there were boys around the village," he said.

"They'd been trying to break into sheds. Charlie sleeps on one of the benches against the fence during the summer. I am thinking they have walked up the side of the fence and he has jumped up. I heard they were disturbed trying to break into a shed down the lane.

"The fact that somebody is carrying a knife around our village. It's a quiet village".

Mr Robinson said the incident had left his 15-year-old daughter, feeling "petrified".

"The family are so annoyed. I am more angry and disappointed that somebody would do that. They are the lowest of the low. They are scum," he said.

Police meanwhile have said they are "carrying out enquiries to establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident".

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