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Watch: Bizarre 'smashing' video by MEP candidate Ben Gilroy goes viral

Marie Louise McConville

A bizarre video featuring a MEP candidate smashing boards with a hurl has gone viral.

Independent Dublin MEP candidate Ben Gilroy can be seen smashing up a number of white boards, which each have a branded message on them, including constitutional violations, state corruption, stealing wealth and unlawful evictions.

Holding a hurl, the political candidate says he is running for MEP and there are "several issues to take care off and I'm the man to do it".

Standing in front of a white board which says `state corruption', he then states: "A lot of people are asking why I carry a hurling stick"

"Elections are no more between left and right, it's about right and wrong, good and evil, and we are really troubled in this country by state corruption. That's one of the things I intend to take care off if I come back here with the office of MEP".

Mr Gilroy then turns to the board and begins smashing the `state corruption' message with the hurl.

He then repeats this action for each of the other issues, each time smashing the white board.

Describing himself as a "man of action", the MEP candidate then adds: "The choice is yours. Are you still going to be victims or do you want someone to fight for you.

A bizarre video featuring MEP candidate Ben Gilroy smashing white boards with a hurl has gone viral on social media

"I'm the man, everybody knows it, pick someone who does it rather than talks and he has to be tough".

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times so far.

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