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Victims killed in controversial circumstances whose inquests will now go ahead

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More than 50 inquests will now go ahead after additional funding was allocated in the next Northern Ireland budget, allowing the Department of Justice to fund the £55m legacy inquest unit.

The following deaths will now be subject to an inquest:

Kingsmill January 5 1976

John Bryans
Robert Chambers
Reginald Chapman
Walter Chapman
Robert Freeburn
Joseph Leemon
John McConville
James McWhirter
Robert Samuel Walker
Kenneth Worton

 10 Protestant workmen were killed in the Kingsmill massacre

Ballymurphy 9-27 August 1971

Father Hugh Mullan
Francis Joseph Quinn
Joan Connolly
Daniel Teggart
Edward Doherty
Noel Phillips
John Laverty
John James McKerr
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Corr


Deaths 1971-1972

Francis Rowntree 22/04/1971

 Francis Rowntree was shot in 1971

Seamus Bradley 31/07/1972

Daniel Carson 01/11/1973

Patrick Joseph McVeigh 13/05/1972

John Moran 23/05/1972


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Springhill July 9 1972

John Dougal
Mary Gargan
Father Noel Fitzpatrick
Patrick Butler
David McCafferty


Deaths 1972 - 1977

Thomas Mills 18/07/1972

Daniel Rooney 27/09/1972

 Daniel Rooney was shot by members of an MRF patrol in 1972

Patrick Anthony McElhone 07/08/1974

Hugh Gerard Coney 06/11/1974

Patrick Joseph Crawford 10/08/1975

Stephen Geddis 30/08/1975

Leo Anthony Norney 13/09/1975

Elizabeth McDonald 16/08/1976

John Gerald McGleenan 16/08/1976

Joseph Campbell 25/02/1977


Stalker/Sampson investigatons 1982:

Sgt John Quinn

Con Allan McCloy

Con Paul Hamilton

James Gervaise McKerr

Eugene Toman

John Frederick Burns

Michael Justin Tighe

Roderick Carroll

 Seamus Grew who was killed by the RUC

Peter James Martin (Seamus) Grew


Deaths 1984 - 1986

Daniel Doherty 06/12/1984

William Fleming 06/12/1984

Francis Patrick Bradley 18/02/1986

Loughgall May 8 1987

 Nine people were killed at Loughgall

Anthony Hughes
Declan Arthurs
Seamus Donnelly
Michael A Gormley
Eugene Kelly
Patrick Kelly
James Lynagh
Padraig McKearney
Gerard O'Callaghan


Deaths 1988 - 1990

Terence McDaid 10/05/1988

Gerard Martin Slane 23/09/1988

Gerard Laurence Casey 04/04/1989

Samuel James Marshall 07/03/1990

Alexander Martin Patterson 12/11/1990


Coagh June 3 1991

Michael James Ryan

 Michael 'Pete' Ryan who was one of three IRA men shot dead by British soldiers in Coagh

Anthony Patrick Doris
Laurence McNally


Deaths 1992

John McKearney 03/01/1992
Kevin McKearney 04/04/1992

Clonoe August 6 1992

Patrick Daniel Vincent
Sean O'Farrell
Peter Paul Clancy
Kevin Barry O’Donnell


Deaths 1992 - 2005

Charles Fox 06/09/1992
Teresa Fox 06/09/1992

Teresa Fox was shot dead with her husband Charlie by loyalists

Liam Paul Thompson 27/04/1994
John (AKA Sean) Patrick Brown 12/05/1997
Raymond McCord 09/11/1997
Seamus Patrick Dillon 28/12/1997
Fergal McCusker 18/01/1998
Richard Jameson 10/01/2000
John Coulter 21/08/2000
Robert Mahood 21/08/2000
Robert Moffett 28/05/2010
Gerard Lawlor 22/07/2002

 Gerard Lawlor, pictured with his baby son, who was shot dead by loyalists in 2002.

Neil John McConville 29/04/2003
Kevin McAlorum 03/06/2004
Gareth Paul O’Connor 11/06/2005
Craig McCausland 11/07/2005

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