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Renewable Heat Incentive: An Irish News Special Report

Arlene Foster was the minister in charge when the RHI scheme was introduced 
Arlene Foster was the minister in charge when the RHI scheme was introduced 

Renewable Heat Incentive: An

Irish News

Special Report

Full story of the scandal that rocked Stormont


The scandal that pulled down StormontOpens in new window ]

"The warning signs were there early on"

Analysis: Complex factors created perfect stormOpens in new window ]

"The scheme was flawed, but poor management turned a departmental issue into a fullblown government crisis"

John Manley: Media scrutiny ignited public interestOpens in new window ]

"Mrs Foster must now regret her initial failure to accept responsibility for the scheme's shortcomings"

More than £230,000 paid to 20 businesses in three monthsOpens in new window ]

"In the non-domestic scheme, the highest paid individual recipient received more than £14,000"

Renewable Heat Association quadruples membership feesOpens in new window ]

"The group secured an injunction preventing members who are RHI recipients from being named"

Genesis of disastrous scheme in the northOpens in new window ]

"The declaration “I have read the Regulatory Impact Assessment and I am satisfied that the benefits justify the costs” is signed by Arlene Foster, Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment"

Housing body warned of flawsOpens in new window ]

"Surely "the more energy you use, the more money you get" is not compatible with energy conservation"

Linked: The poultry trade boiler scandalOpens in new window ]

"Of the 2,000 RHI recipients, 871 are poultry farmers, most of which supply Moy Park"

Farmers' union connection to greener initiative fiascoOpens in new window ]

"The union has denied suggestions it influenced any politicians or their special advisers in relation to concerns over changes to RHI tariffs"

How Action Renewables featured in processing applicantsOpens in new window ]

"From helping process a quarter of all applications, to challenging government plans to cut the lucrative payments, Michael Doran has become synonymous with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme"

The role of DUP special advisersOpens in new window ]

"The actions of special advisers and the extent of their influence at Stormont has come under the microscope amid the renewable heat scandal"

Arlene Foster: A key figure in cash-for-ashOpens in new window ]

"The DUP leader has described the flaws in the Renewable Heat Incentive as her 'deepest political regret'"

RHI in numbersOpens in new window ]

"£490m - The 'maximum burden' of the botched scheme to the public purse over 20 years"

Role of civil servantsOpens in new window ]

"It was developed by officials in a way that shouldn't have been developed by officials,"

Brian Feeney: Full implications have caught up with ArleneOpens in new window ]

"Her shock and lack of preparedness are obvious"

Scheme critic branded closure of RHI scheme as a 'sellout'Opens in new window ]

"...hope they can explain their decision to the many people and businesses losing out"