Northern Ireland

Demonstrators at Stormont urge more research into chronic disease ME

A MAJOR demonstration urging more research into M.E. was held at Stormont on Tuesday as part of a global day of action.

Protests took part in 25 cities across the world, including Belfast, Melbourne, London and New York.

Pairs of shoes were placed at each demonstration to represent the 20 million people worldwide who suffer from the chronic disease.

Around 7,000 people in the north have M.E.

Sufferers of the debilitating disease experience symptoms including extreme exhaustion, muscle weakness and memory loss.

The #MillionsMissing campaign said the disease leaves some housebound.

"A number end up lying in darkened and eerily quiet rooms due to their constant and severe 'flu-like symptoms," it said.

The campaign said more research was needed into the disease.

"These demonstrations are pushing for better recognition of M.E. and urging governments world over to invest in biomedical research," it said.

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