Northern Ireland

PPS considers six legacy cases before May 1 cut off

British government Legacy Act comes into force next week

The PPS said it had received a file from the PSNI in relation to three individuals "investigated for potential offences of acts intending to or likely to stir up hatred or arouse fear"
The Public Prosecution Service continues to consider six legacy files ahead of next week's cut off date

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) will decide on six Troubles related files before the majority of legacy investigations are closed down next week.

It is understood there are currently six legacy files under consideration by the PPS, which is working finalise decisions by the May 1 cut off date.

Troubles-related civil cases and inquests that are not at their findings stage by May 1 will be halted under the British government’s controversial Legacy Act.

Last month a High Court judge ruled that conditional immunity and plans to close down some civil actions are unlawful.

Legal challenges have been launched, including one by the Irish government at the European Court of Human Rights.

From next Wednesday all legacy cases will be transferred to the Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR).

Many victims and relatives of the dead are opposed to the ICRIR and believe it is designed to protect state actors from accountability.