Northern Ireland

Polling has TUV’s new electoral partners breathing down the Tories’ necks

The latest You/Gov survey sees the Conservatives slip as support for Reform UK increases

Jim Allister and Richard Tice
Reform UK leader Richard Tice and his TUV counterpart Jim Allister announced an electoral alliance

The TUV’s new partner to fight the forthcoming general election has recorded its highest-ever opinion poll rating, lying just four points behind the Tories.

The latest YouGov/Times voting intention poll puts Reform UK on 15% – up one point from last week – close behind the Conservatives, whose support has dropped by one point to 19%.

The results come just days after the former Brexit Party announced a partnership with Jim Allister’s TUV.

Sir Keir Starmer will use a speech to set out his vision for the arts under a future Labour government
Sir Keir Starmer's Labour lead the Tories by 25 points. PICTURE: STEFAN ROUSSEAU/PA (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

The two parties plan to contest the next Westminster election on a joint ticket in all of the north’s 18 constituencies.

Reform UK, which is led by millionaire Richard Tice, also plans to run candidates in every constituency in Britain.

The YouGov/Times polling shows Labour continue to lead the polls with a stable 44% of the vote, while the Lib Dems are also unchanged on 9% and the Greens are on 8% (+1).

The TUV has welcomed the polling result.

“Obviously we are delighted by this poll which reflects a trend towards the straight talking, honest policies of Reform UK,” a spokesperson told The Irish News.

“Through the understanding between TUV and Reform UK people in Northern Ireland go into the general election knowing that they can vote for parties which has real influence across the UK.”

The TUV spokesperson said the parties’ alliance would not only allow voters in Northern Ireland to “have their say in the big national debates” but would also ensure “that a major UK party is continuing to fight for our full place as part of the UK and the removal of the sea border”.